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This is a pirate themed collection of music and sfx, crafted specifically for use in video games.


It blends together the authentic sound of period instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy and concertina, alongside more traditional orchestration choices. This creates an interesting and relevant sonic palette, ready for use in modern productions.




- 4 full length tracks covering combat, exploration and tavern themes.
- 26 music sections, designed to work with the random generative music player script.
- 14 solo instrument stingers, useful for highlighting important in game quest events.


Everything has been carefully balanced and extensively tested to work "out of the box". Detailed instructions and email support is also included.


New content added frequently.


All audio files in this pack are available as high quality (24bit, 4800K) wav files.

Pirate Music Pack


    Please follow this link for a more detailed overview of the features in this pack.

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